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This week the first day of Fall will be upon us! For some of us that means we are about to slow down with our workouts. Not at EmPower! It’s time for another boot camp challenge and another opportunity to start getting into the best shape of your life!

We’re accepting applications for our 4 Week Fall Beautiful Body Challenge. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? It WILL be a competition with a winner (who’ll receive $200), but just know that you are your biggest competition!

But this particular challenge is for people who are TRULY ready to push HARD for 4 weeks to see a true transformation. It’s so serious that we actually have an application process for it. Nothing crazy, but just so that we know you’re truly ready to reveal your dream body.

Don’t be scared, just know that when you sign up, you will essentially be asking us to NOT LET YOU FALL OFF OR QUIT! Then at the end of the 4 weeks, when your results are awesome, you’ll be thanking yourself.
If you haven’t been active and exercising lately then you need this.

Our previous 4 Week Beautiful Body Challenge was awesome. We had a small group of women who were super committed to getting in shape and seeing great results. You need to prove to yourself that you CAN and WILL see a change in your body. We are only accepting 15 ladies into this challenge so that we can work closely with them. If you are interested, just click below. The investment for this challenge is only $107 until Sept 28th. Afterwards it goes up to $117.

Email us at