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Hazel H.
Empower Total Fitness.. has given me the opportunity to understand that it it takes a strong will, discipline, and confidence in your ability to choose your own destiny in this healthy lifestyle living. And truly it is a lifestyle. It’s not fad or phase but it’s about true commitment to yourself. Empower promotes an atmosphere of acceptance which means you love the skin your in, but holding yourself accountable to make the healthy changes in your life. In 2012 I suffered a massive stroke because I thought that I was exempt from the dangers of making poor choices concerning my health. But thank GOD he allowed me a “DO OVER”! I want to say “THANK YOU” EmPower for being apart of this journey with me. Everyone from the owner, trainers, and to the other women who are on the this journey with me I “SALUTE YOU”!!

Yolanda S.
This is an amazing group of wonderful women. They are dedicated to your success. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. They are in the fight with you. They are leading by example. They give you a blueprint for success – food, eating, workouts, heartfelt words of wisdom. They are personable and supportive. It’s not easy, so they are your cheerleaders. They are your sister-girl support. I love this place and you will too.


Najwa is an amazingly motivational trainer. Full of life, love and support for her clients. She empowers every client to reach their fitness goals. Love it!

I’ve always enjoyed a great workout with friends. But this is on another level! I’m challenging myself and getting in shape while having fun. Love it!

Najwa has something really special here- their energy and routines are the perfect mix for empowerment! Can’t wait to come back for my fitness consultation and other classes.

The best fitness class I have taken in YEARS! I will be coming back.

Najwa is amazing—I totally love her. If you’ve tried everything and gotten nowhere, then call her up—seriously, you will not be disappointed!